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Warsaw, Poland

our Mission

Our mission is to inspire emerging talent to be global citizens, build global businesses and foster global entrepreneurship. We believe that business-minded professionals are needed for investments in the future of Poland. By engaging young Poles in today’s international business environment we can help in securing Poland’s continued prosperity.

We are changing the concept of training young professionals and students. We deconstructed Business Skills into five simple steps - Leadership, Dynamic Thinking, Effective Communication, Customer Relations and Community Service. 

Steps2Success offers business skills training for young professionals. This is not however, business skills training as we understand it in the US – such as sales training. We are digging deeper into the fundamentals. In the US such skills are picked up culturally or taught through example and mentorship. In Poland, however, with its relatively short experience in a free market system, there is a need for fundamental business skills.

These “steps” may seem obvious and natural to some, but require awareness building in young Poles and other CEE countries for that matter. Since there is little mentorship, nor many mentors, Steps2Success is looking to bridge this gap by changing the perspective of young professionals and students. By changing the perspective, we’re creating demand and expectations for international standards in conducting business transactions in Poland. This rise in understanding by young professionals will positively impact their behavior in the workplace offering them opportunities to be recognized by their employers. These behavior changes set a precedent for organizational change led by example. It will propagate further into successful strategies when these professionals mature into leaderships roles.

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