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Warsaw, Poland


Steps2Success' premise is to make it simple and transparent for you to succeed.

We believe Business Skills can be deconstructed into simple five steps - Leadership, Dynamic Thinking, Effective Communication, Customer Relations and Community Service. Upon understanding them, you have the skills to engage with business appropriately and see your career soar.

Seminars are an intimate conversation on the selected topic with business leaders. Class size is small to build engagement, conversation and a network. Each seminar is formulated in a similar way, allowing each participant to practice networking and introductory skills throughout the year.

S2S currently is working on the following projects in meeting these goals:

  • Teaching Business English to young professionals
  • Engage with Polish Business Leaders to deliver high value content business seminars for young Poles
  • Create opportunities for networking events with young Polish professionals and the business community
  • Developing and implementing a cross cultural study program for students and scholars traveling to the US. This program will shorten and ease the transition curve for those embedded in a foreign cultural setting. This is being done in conjunction with a US University
  • Partnering with a US university to create bi-cultural understanding between US MBA students and Polish students
  • Facilitate the selection of Polish candidates to scholarship programs at US Universities